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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

UK comics in newsagents this week...

Some of the comics that will arrive in newsagents this week include 2000AD Prog 1965, The Beano No.3819, The Phoenix No.213, Incredible Hulks No.24, Avengers Universe No.22, Astonishing Spider-Man No.28, Doctor Who Comic No.5, and four issues of Commando (Nos.4883 - 86). No doubt I'll be receiving more info on those Commando comics soon from DC Thomson but for the moment here's a few cover previews of some of the other comics for this week. 

Don't forget that there's also a world of indie comics out there, including the digital comic Aces Weekly every Monday. Some may yearn for the style of comics of the past but British comics have never been so diverse in their range and styles. Support UK comics!

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