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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New from PS Artbooks

One of my favourite comic stories of the supernatural is being reprinted in the latest collection from UK publisher PS Artbooks. As I recounted here several years ago (see this old post) the story The Old and The New really left an impression on me when I was a little kid when it was reprinted in British comic Fantastic Tales. Now the story can be seen in its original context (and in its original colour format) as part of Forbidden Worlds Volume 10, available to order here from The Book Palace: 

Also just available is the third volume of Web of Evil, reprinting classic horror comics of the 1950s:


Manic Man said...

Old and new was a pretty good story, I'm sure I have read it.. in fact, I'm very sure.

Slightly unrelated, but Bigfinish (no comment.. personal views of them don't matter) have announced due to them doing Avengers audios and audio versions of the girls comic strip, they are doing a trade paperback reprint.. I'm sure you know, I'm sure I read someone was doing it last year but.. comfirmed of late from them in a press release.

John Pitt said...

It's about time ACG Comics got a bit of recognition! ;-)

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