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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy 40th to 2000AD... again!

Comic Cuts called itself "The King of Comics", so perhaps 2000AD is the Queen of Comics because it has two birthdays every year. There's the actual birthday, 19th February, the date that issue No.1 went on sale in newsagents, and then there's the official birthday, 26th February, which was only the cover date (the date the comic was replaced on the shelves with the next issue). 

Somewhere along the way, long ago, someone confused the two, thinking cover dates were launch dates, and 2000AD has been celebrating its birthday on 26th February for years. To confuse things even more, this year they're celebrating it today, 22nd February, simply because it's today that the latest issue goes on sale. 

It's ironic that a comic called 2000AD would get its birth-date wrong for so many years, but pedantry aside, congratulations to the creative droids who have worked on the comic over the last four decades. I did a bit of work for a couple of 2000AD Annuals in the 1980s, writing articles and credited as a "Research Droid", so save me a slice of cake! Here's to many more years for the Galaxy's Greatest Comic!

Today sees the publication of the latest issue, (that's the cover above, beside Prog 1) plus the 2000AD 40th Anniversary Special. I previewed those the other day but if you missed it you'll find the post here:

If you want to see what the first issue looked like, see this post:

1 comment:

Big D said...

Happy Birthday 2000AD. We may ahve lost touch over the years but I still have many happy memories of reading you in younger days.

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