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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

This week's BEANO (No.3870)

Cover by Nigel Parkinson.
Here's the cover to this week's edition of Britain's longest-running comic. Yes, it's Beano No.3870, where Minnie the Minx takes centre stage as Batmin in a four page story. Art by Nigel Parkinson.

This packed issue also includes all the regulars such as Roger the Dodger, Dennis and Gnasher, Billy Whizz, and many more. There's another Make Me A Menace and Beano Boss by Hunt Emerson (which I've heard is a very popular feature despite older critics dismissing it as "filler"), a Pup Parade puzzle page drawn by Steve Beckett, a board game page, and much more.

Plus, another dose of Pup Parade and Ivy the Terrible strips by me!

All in Beano No.3870, out now for £2.50.


James Spiring said...

How can anyone call Make Me A Menace filler, when it's an actual comic strip? I like it. It gives the kids a chance to see themselves in the comic and allows for certain character jokes to be used that wouldn't have the material to last as a regular feature.

Lew Stringer said...

My mistake. I meant that Beano Boss was referred to as a filler, despite being hugely popular. I've corrected it now. (The strip is also very popular.)

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