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Monday, February 27, 2017

Tank Girl goes to war

Tank Girl first appeared in the British comic Deadline back in 1988, with the punky, boozy, anarchic character immediately proving to be a success for its creators Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. Although Deadline folded in 1995, you can't keep a good Tank Girl down and the character has resurfaced in several comics and mini-series since. 

These days, London-based Titan Comics publish brand new Tank Girl comics, and her current mini-series, Tank Girl Gold, concluded this week. However, it leads right into a new mini-series, World War Tank Girl, starting in March. 

One of the stunning variant covers to issue 1 is shown above, with art by Chris Wahl, which I'm sure you'll agree is worth the cover price alone. 

World War Tank Girl, which sends the character back to WW2, will be written by Alan Martin and illustrated by Brett Parson, whose art has proven to be perfect for the series. I really like his work, which is why I'm happy to promote the comic here. Here's his regular cover to issue one...
If you've never read a Tank Girl comic before, give it a go. Its irreverent humour may or may not be to your tastes but a well-crafted comic is always worth looking at and you'll be supporting British comics. Hopefully you'll be hooked! World War Tank Girl No.1 will only be available in comics shops, not newsagents, and will arrive on March 29th.

For more cover images and info of upcoming Titan Comics visit their website:

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