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Friday, September 15, 2017

Colour ad for WHAM! No.1 (1964)

Earlier this year (see here) I showed how Eagle comic had promoted the launch of Wham! comic in 1964 with various black and white ads. Boys' World went one better and advertised the first issue in full colour. There's the half-page advert above, from Boys' World Vol.2 No.25, dated 20th June 1964, showing part of Leo Baxendale's cover for Wham! No.1.

As we know, in time, Wham! would be joined by sister papers Smash!, Pow!, Fantastic, and Terrific to form the 'Power Comics' imprint, but in the beginning, Wham! was seen as a companion comic to Boys' World and Eagle

I'll be showing more pages from Boys' World soon! 

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