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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Retro Tales!

If you're at the Cardiff Film and Comic Con this weekend, don't miss your chance to buy Retro Tales No.1 from its creator, Simon Williams! This fantastic first issue features the Discotronic Funk Commandos as well as YMCAgent in thrill-packed fun fests that are so retro they'll make your clackers go crazy! 

You may remember Simon Williams as one of the artists on Panini's home-grown Marvel comics of a few years ago. I really think he's one of the best superhero artists in the UK. Heck, he could teach some of the U.S. artists a thing or two too. A man perfectly suited to draw The Incredible Hulk. Are you listening, Marvel? 

At present, Retro Tales will only be available from Simon at the Cardiff show, but hopefully it'll be available via mail order or something soon. 

(I won't be at Cardiff myself but I'll be up in Preston at the same time for Preston Comic Con. So many comics events around these days!) 

Find out more about Simon Williams' amazing artwork at his website:

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