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Friday, September 15, 2017

Out now from Panini UK

A quick look at the Panini comics in newsagents this week as the new "Iron Man" debuts with 15 year old Riri Williams donning the armour (she's known as Ironheart). I wonder if the movies will reflect this in the future when Robert Downey Jr's contract runs out? 

Marvel Legends Vol. 3 #15. On sale 14th September 2017.

100-Page Action-Packed Special, Featuring Marvel’s ‘Big 3’ – Iron Man, Captain America and Thor! £3.99!
Brace yourselves to meet, Riri Williams, the all-new Iron Man!
Plus, Hydra is growing in power! S.H.I.E.L.D. are helpless to stop them! And behind it all, Captain America! 
Also, The Asgard/Shi'ar War begins! The Shi'Ar Empire lays siege to Asgard! 
By Nick Spencer, Jesús Saiz, Brian Michael Bendis, Stefano Caselli, Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman!
Includes material reprinted from Captain America: Steve Rogers #7, Invincible Iron Man #1-2, and Thor #15!

Astonishing Spider-Man Vol.6 #29. On sale 14th September 2017. 

76 pages of action-packed arachnid-adventure! Only £3.99!
A Clone Conspiracy chapter! How and why is Gwen Stacy working with The Jackal?!!
Also, will Silk succumb to the temptation of New U’s miracles?!!
Plus, a Civil War II chapter! The events of Civil War take their toll on Spider-Man and his fellow Young Avengers!
By Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Robbie Thompson, Irene Strychalski, Brian Michael Bendis and Nico Leon.
Includes material reprinted from Amazing Spider-Man #23, Silk #16 and Spider-Man: Miles Morales #8.

...and for younger readers...

Disney's Elena of Avalor No.7

Princess Elena is on the trail of her friend Skylar the jaquin, who can be a little mischievious sometimes! Complete all the sticker activities plus enjoy two fabulous craft makes. You also have the chance to win an Ariel Styling Head.
Issue Number: 7
Price: £3.99
Covermounted Gift: Fantastic free gift
On sale: Thursday 14th September 2017

Marvel Play Time No.29

Check out Spider-Man’s total team up with Miles Morales. Can anyone stand a chance against TWO Spideys? Also beware – the Scientist Supreme is causing havoc as he creates a bunch of Avengers clones. Collect an awesome fact poster and become a baddie with wicked masks. Let’s go, little heroes!
Issue number: 29
Price: £3.99
Covermount: FREE Paddle Bat!
Competition Info: WIN Awesome Avengers Walkie Talkies!
On Sale: 14th Sep – 11th Oct 2017

Scooby-Doo No.227

Who keeps crashing parties and scaring everyone away? Uncover the ghost in this issue’s comic strip. Use your detective skills to find the culprit behind the angry diver beast and go on a monster dodger race track. Learn how to draw bog goblins and try Dracula’s weird wordsearch. Let’s go, junior snoopers!
Issue Number: 227
Price: £3.99
Covermounted Gift: Cool FREE Gift!
Competition Info: WIN a Scooby Snack Attack toy and lots of fun games from John Adams!
On Sale: Thursday 7th Sep – 18th Oct 2017

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