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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Ho-Ho-Yoe! for Christmas

Giving a quick shout out to my pals over at Yoe! Books who had their site hacked recently and lost a lot of potential sales. (The site is fixed now.) Craig Yoe and his Yoe! Books team produce some fine collections of classic American comics material that you need to treat yourself to if you haven't already.

From pre-code horror comics to 1950s children's classics such as Popeye and Felix the Cat, Yoe! Books have a great selection of affordable hardback books to buy. I'm a big fan of their output. The books use pages scanned from the actual comics, and cleaned up, so it preserves the original pulpy look of the comics of yesteryear. No garish recolouring or tracing of artwork to pass it off as original. These books look great!

Take a look at their line up over at their website here:

If you're in the UK you'll be able to buy them from your nearest comic speciality store or from online sellers. Go Yoe!

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