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Friday, December 08, 2017

Review: Yours, Yesterday

Jessica Lucas is a relatively new face on the comics scene. Although she was at Macc-Pow! and the Lakes International Comic Art Festival this year I unfortunately didn't get around to meeting her, so I ordered her new comic, Yours, Yesterday by post. A good purchase.

Yours, Yesterday is Jessica's first comic book, and it's a very impressive debut! I don't often go for autobiographical comics, but this one is very well crafted and compellingly told. Basically, it's about the emotional rollercoaster of a break-up, which is something that most of us can relate to at some point in our lives. No matter how old you are when it happens, the metaphorical kick-in-the-gut, self-doubt, and sorrow feels the same. Likewise, it's also a relatable book for the times some of us have done the dumping too, as it's a reminder of the guilt and upset caused.

Considering that this is Jessica's first comic, her storytelling skills are very good, and there's some sophisticated comics techniques at work here. For example (shown below) the depiction of a flashback scene, and how that crumbles when the memory turns sour. 

Without giving away too much, Yours, Yesterday is a story of heartache that has a positive resolution and the start of a new journey. I hope we'll see more comics work from Jessica Lucas in the near future!

You can buy a copy of Yours, Yesterday from Jessica's online store: 

...and you can find out more about her art by visiting her website:

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