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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas 1968: Lion

For this year's final flashback to old Christmas comics, here's the issue of Lion that was on sale in 1968, kicking off, quite literally, with a cover by the ever reliable Geoff Campion.

Inside, the Carson's Cubs strip that the cover referred to was illustrated by its usual artist, Fred T. Holmes, whose work is sometimes mistaken with Campion's.

Not every strip made a link with Christmas and some that did had a very weak connection, such as this panel from The Day the World Drowned drawn by Ted Kearon:

This issue saw the start of a new serial, The Mind Stealers. It has no Christmas reference but I thought you'd like to see it as it shows how atmospheric and creepy Tom Kerr's artwork could be before he became known as an artist of more lightweight stories. Great stuff!:

Robot Archie, renamed Robot Archie Time Traveller for a two month period during November '68 to January '69, found himself in the 18th Century for Christmas, even becoming a snowman. Here's that week's episode in full. Art by Ted Kearon:

The bonus features that comics had for Christmas were often entertaining too. Here's a Christmas Quiz for you to indulge in:

Finally, on the back page, some light relief at Mowser's Christmas Party drawn by Reg Parlett:

Enjoy your Christmas Eve celebrations tonight readers! Merry Christmas!

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Bruce Laing said...

Merry Christmas Lew.

Have a safe one. :)

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