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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Have yourself a Nemi little Christmas

Somewhat delayed but just published in time for Christmas is the fourth annual Nemi collection from Titan Books. This £9.99 hardback is once again full of funny and often laugh out loud strips from Lise Myhre, Queen of Norway. (She's not? Well she should be!)

Reading the strips I often find myself relating to Nemi. Not, I hasten to add, that I'm tempted to become a Goth girl wearing black lipstick, (you'll be pleased to hear) but in Nemi's sharp cynical insights of the society around us. I'm sure that's true of all of Nemi's readers, which is why the strip has proven so popular in its native Norway and many other countries. Nemi isn't just for death metal fans. It's for everyone. (Well, everyone except the people it takes the p*ss out of. They won't get it, but they're probably too busy watching X Factor or working out at the gym to read.)

Anyway, if you've just returned from your Christmas shopping, go straight back out again and buy the latest Nemi book. Go on. Treat yourself for Christmas. (It's currently on sale at a special offer in Forbidden Planet.)

Nemi 4, 128 pages, hardback, £9.99

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