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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Commandos

They might not be Christmas stories but they are out this week. Here's the lowdown from editor Calum Laird:

Commando 4351: DEATH CAMP

Barbed wire, watchtowers and searchlights — the camp looked like any other POW cage…from the outside. But hidden behind the perimeter fence was a nightmare world where starved prisoners were forced to act as guinea pigs for the sadistic doctors of death!

Story: Ian Clark
Art: Olivera
Cover Art: Alan Burrows
Previously No 2637 from 1993

Commando 4352: HUNGER FOR GLORY

Colonel John Devlin, USAF, had chased glory in three wars…but it had always passed him by. Now, in the savage air battles over war-torn Vietnam, he saw his final chance to grab it when a new pilot arrived — a real hotshot, a born ace.
There and then Devlin decided that this top gun was going to be his ticket to glory…regardless of the cost of men and machines!

Story: Ian Clark
Art: Josè Maria Jorge
Cover Art: Josè Maria Jorge
Previously No 2663 from 1993

A re-issued story which reminds us of just what a talented artist Josè Maria was…especially when it came to aircraft. His very first Commando story will be appearing in late January 2011.

Commando 4353: HAM-FISTED HERO

Young Wally Clegg was a nice lad but a bit of a clumsy clot. As soon as he got near a ham radio set, however, there was a veritable transformation and he became a communications wizard.
And although he was bounced out of the Royal Signals Corps, if there was radio work to be done, Wally was there to do it. Now the Japs were poised to invade India and it looked like only Wally could send the message that would stop them. With the pressure on would he be a wireless wonder or a HAM-FISTED HERO

Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Carlos Pino
Cover Art: Carlos Pino

Commando 4354: Company Of Pals

They marched of to war together, the young men of the town. Proud to serve their country and happy to fighting alongside their mates. But the Western Front in the First World War was a place of nightmares and the town’s nightmare came true when the company of pals was wiped out.
When the evil of war once more engulfed Europe, the military authorities made sure that, whatever casualties they had to suffer, never again would one town lose all its young men at once. It seemed, though, that fate hadn’t got the message

Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Vila
Cover Art: Ian Kennedy

1 comment:

George said...

Thanks for continuing to bring us this news. I do subscribe to the Commando blog but there's not often anything there about the actual on-sale dates. Given the patchy distribution of Commando and my inability to remember when they come out (!) anything that saves me a wasted journey is most welcome!

That Commando 4352 cover is lovely. Somewhat atypical of Commando, it immediately reminded me of the painted work Yves Thos did for 'Tanguy and Laverdure'.

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