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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thunderbirds Are Go: Full trailer released

A new trailer for Thunderbirds Are Go is expected to be shown on ITV today and you can also see it on You Tube now at this link:

Personally I think it looks great! Obviously a trailer with such fast cuts might not reflect how dramatic the actual episodes will be but it shows promise. So far it seems to have a good balance between updating the show whilst retaining enough of the classic elements to please older viewers. It definitely looks more 'Thunderbirds' than the dreadful live action movie of several years ago.

Here's one update that I'm sure will divide purists. It looks like Lady Penelope's FAB-1 has had a Supercar makeover and can now fly! I like it!

Thunderbirds Are Go debuts on CiTV next month I believe. There's still no word on the Thunderbirds Are Go magazine but I'll plug it as soon as I'm able to. 


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, maybe I am just old but I like my Supermarionation in the spirit of Four Feather Falls, Supercar Fireball XL5 and the other delights presented to us by the Andersons.
The Daleks put us behind the sofa, but Thunderbirds made us want our own Thnuderbird 2 and 4 .

Great post (as always)
Hedley in Detroit

Smurfswacker said...

If ever there was a show that would benefit from 3-D animation, "Thunderbirds" is it. We get to keep the detailed props and backgrounds but the characters can finally move around. In the original show they always seemed to wish they could break those blankety-blank strings and live a little.

However the voices in the promo sound disappointingly semi-pro, like a dubbed anime series.

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