Thursday, March 02, 2017

DWM 510 cover preview

Cover photography by Andy Gotts.
Here's the cover for Doctor Who Magazine No.510 that will be in the shops next Thursday, 9th March. As you can see, it's main feature will be a special tribute to Sir John Hurt, who passed away in January. Sir John played the part of the War Doctor (the secret 12th incarnation of the Doctor) in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary tv special, and in a series of audio adventures for Big Finish. (See here: )

This issue will also feature the usual mixture of articles, reviews, interviews, news, and strips of course, including another Daft Dimension strip by me.

Doctor Who Magazine No.510 will be available from 9th March in newsagents, supermarkets, and comic shops across the UK. (And in the USA shortly after.) You can also subscribe and save money on the cover price. More info here:


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the content, which should be the most important thing, will be fascinating, but I'm mesmerized by the cover (both the imagery and the colours).

In 2016/2017, there have been some DWM covers which I would have loved to have had enlarged and framed.

It'll be great to read about John Hurt's career, by the way.

Lew Stringer said...

It is a great cover and should stand out on the shelves. I don't know all the contents yet as I won't receive a copy until next week but I'm sure it'll be another good issue.

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