Friday, March 24, 2017

Return of the Leopardboy

Rebellion have just revealed the cover to their Leopard from Lime Street collection, reprinting the early adventures of the popular 1970s Buster strip. The book will be published in June.

The Leopard from Lime Street – Book 1
Originally published: 1976-1985
Release date: July
Trade Paperback
One of the most requested reprints from the Fleetway/IPC archive, The Leopard from Lime Street is the British Spider-man – a hugely popular home-grown teenage superhero! Billy Farmer lives with his Aunt Joan and Uncle Charlie in the when he is scratched by a radioactive leopard  at the local zoo. Gaining leopard-like strength, speed, reflexes, and tree-climbing abilities, when he’s not fighting crime, Billy sells photographs of himself to the local paper, using the money to support his frail aunt while contending with his violent, greedy and lazy uncle. With warmth, wit, and stunning artwork by Mike Western and Eric Bradbury, The Leopard from Lime Street is a gem of 1970s and 1980s British comics.
More info about Rebellion's other classic reprints here:


john said...

Interesting that it doesn't seem to have Rebellion's "Treasury of British Comics" tag on it; maybe on the spine?
The "From the pages of" is cool :-) - it is a bit of a buzz to see those old logos again.
The top logo on page looks great, as does the bigger cover picture, but they don't seem to quite mesh very well together - in that image, at least to my mind, it simply looks like two images not joined together very well, rather than a distinct and clear logo and picture.
I'll still buy it anyway though, cos I loved The Leopard of Lime Street as a child, and the art combo of Eric Bradbury and Mike Western is irresistible to me.
Thanks for the posting Lew.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, I agree, John. Perhaps it'll be tidied up for the actual item. I too was surprised that it doesn't carry a 'Treasury of British Comics' topline. Still, never mind. As long as the contents look good.

Manic Man said...

he was a bit of a Spider-Man rip off but.. that does kinda make him sound very MUCH like just a cheap Spider-Man rip off.. still.. it's good that Rebellion seam to be pretty much jumping on all these releases

paul Mcscotty said...

Great news and thansk again for the heads up Lew - The "Leopard of Lime Street" was really after my time for buying UK comics (I was 16) but I do remember picking up the first issue he was in based on a fanzine review (and a few issues after that) but at this time it was only interested in Marvel/DC and US comics. I always loved Mike Westerns art and will get this just for his art. Strange how things change as a 16 year old I ws probably upset it wasnt more like "Spidey" now as an old git I would love to pick up a comic like this , rather than the multi layered, cross over obsessed product that most US comics provide nowadays (a few comics aside) – now I enjoy nothing more than a nice easy to read entertaining comic like Usagi Yojimbo, Mudman, Groo etc etc (complex in their simplicity) – I will be buying this one for certain.

ProStyla said...

Scratch-fever! This is one of Western's classics. Hope Billy buys it too ; D

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