Friday, March 17, 2017

The Pull List No.5

Cover by Andrew Pawley.
The fifth issue of The Pull List is now available to buy for just 99p. What's The Pull List? It's a digital magazine featuring interviews with creators involved in the independent and small press comics scene. This area of comics is so busy these days that it's great to have a publication that shows some highlights that might otherwise pass us by.

This issue features interviews with The Etherington Brothers, Paul Moore, Hannah Chapman, Sammy Borras, Andrew Pawley, and Robin Hoelzemann. If some of those names are unfamiliar to you then The Pull List is essential to expand your knowledge. All of the artists featured are producing good material that deserves its growing audience. Remember, there are far more comics out there than you'll find in your local newsagents. The comics industry has evolved and it's worth checking out what's available.

How to obtain your copy? Head over to the following link and within minutes you could be reading it. Such is the beauty of digital publications!

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