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Friday, March 17, 2017

Tony Isabella reviews The Beano

American comics writer Tony Isabella, who created Black Lightning for DC Comics (now being adapted for TV) recently subscribed to The Beano after reading my posts about the comic here. When I heard that, I wasn't sure how the Beano's humour would go down Stateside but Tony liked it and he's posted his verdict on the comic over on the Tales of Wonder site here:

As you may know, Tony was the editor on the early Marvel UK comics when they were still being packaged in New York. He also edited those great Marvel black and white horror comics for a time too. He has a blog full of interesting reviews and thoughts, which you can find here:


Anonymous said...

I follow an American blog called 'Back In The Bronze Age' and one of the regular commenters, Charlie Horse 47, is from the Chicago area. He is a life-long fan of the Beano, Dandy etc because his Scottish relatives sent him annuals every Christmas !

Anonymous said...

And I've just discovered that Charlie Horse 47 reads Blimey !!

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