Thursday, March 09, 2017

Garth in Sub Mission

Today's Daily Mirror begins reprinting the 1995 Garth story Sub Mission, written and drawn by Martin Asbury, with new colours by Martin Baines. 

The serial originally ran in the Mirror from 8th June to 16th August 1995. As the paper reprints two strips a day it means Sub Mission will only run for about a month before the next story starts. For reasons best known to the Daily Mirror, they're not reprinting each serial in sequence so it's anyone's guess which story will follow it. Not that it really matters of course as the serials are self-contained stories. 

I'd still like to see some Steve Dowling Garth strips reprinted, but the Mirror only focuses on Frank Bellamy and Martin Asbury reprints. 

You can follow the Daily Mirror comic strips every day in the newspaper or online at the website:


Search Engine Evader said...

I wonder if the Daily Mirror will ever be tempted to put out an anthology of the recoloured strips? (pax, purists!)

Probably not, but then I never thought the One Eyed Jack strips from Valiant would ever be reprinted and look what happened there!

Lew Stringer said...

I doubt there's a big enough demand for a Garth collection for the Mirror to bother with, but it'd be good if an indie publisher could be allowed to do it under licence.

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