Tuesday, March 14, 2017

VWORP VWORP! Volume 3 is here!

Although humbly calling itself a fanzine, Vworp Vworp! is easily on a par with any professional magazine. I'd go as far to say that the editorial and design talent is actually of a higher standard than some High Street magazines. Volume 3 has just been published and it's the best yet!

What I wasn't expecting was how chunky this issue would be. There are 208 pages here! That's not a typo. Two hundred and eight pages! Quality paper, full colour throughout, and packed with information and interviews.
If you're unfamiliar with Vworp Vworp! it's a publication dedicated to the history of Doctor Who comic strips. The amount of research is amazing. These guys do their homework and the fascinating features are accompanied with artwork and rare photographs from over the decades.

It'd take a blog post almost as lengthy as the magazine itself to do justice to all of its contents but here's a selected few:

• New interview with Alan Moore discussing his scripts for Doctor Who Weekly.

• Interviews with comic artists John Stokes, David Lloyd, Lee Sullivan, John M. Burns, Barrie Mitchell and more.

• A new Robot Agent 2K strip written by Tim Quinn.

• Features on veteran Doctor Who / Dalek illustrators such as Gerry Haylock, Richard Jennings and Ron Turner.

• Interviews with editors of Doctor Who Magazine past and present.

• Ron Turner's unfinished Daleks strip, with brand new episodes drawn by Lee Sullivan to complete the saga.

Plus much, much more and a free CD containing a new audio adaptation of the 1960s Dalek strip The Mechanical Planet with actors David Graham (as The Dalek Emperor) and Sasha Mitchell. 

The TV21 style cover variant comes withy the free CD plus a 7 inch vinyl version too (with retro style sleeve)! 
Vworp Vworp! isn't published very often, (this is the first one for nearly six years!) so you can take your time reading this 208 page giant and savour its contents. How can you resist? To order your copy, set your coordinates for this website now:


Paul said...

Aww, the TV21 variant has sold out :(

Lew Stringer said...

I'm afraid so. I did plug the mag a few weeks ago, which was the best time to order it. I don't think they anticipated such a huge demand for it though.

James Spiring said...

I bet there's some people who heard about this from the article in this month's DWM that will be disappointed then.

Lew Stringer said...

It couldn't be helped though. No publisher can risk overprinting too many, especially an indie publisher, as you never know how many you'll sell. Hopefully they'll do a second printing for those who missed out.

John Pitt said...

Got mine this very morning, the TV21 variant. So pleased I ordered it on day 2 of the promotion! They are hoping to print some more of the "TV21's", as loads of people were disappointed at missing out!
(I have a fancy for the cd now, so I might just order one of the other variants in the future?)
Anyway, as you quite righty say, "so much MORE than a fanzine!"
And. AT LAST, my Dalek strip saga, which I began over 52 years ago is finally complete!
(If only David Whitaker and Richard Jennings could have known what they started still goes on today!)

Lew Stringer said...

You should have received the CD as well as the record with the TV21 variant, John. Have you checked it's not still in the parcel?

John Pitt said...

Oops, grabbed it out too quick, Lew! The box was still leaning against the hall wall, I hadn't thrown it out and would have noticed. Anyway, my day is now EVEN better!
Thanks, Lew!

Lew Stringer said...

See, if I hadn't sent my astral form to check that parcel you'd have never known the CD was still in there, John. The things I do... :)

@MLPasterisk said...

Arrived today (TV21 variant). WOW ! Looks absolutely incredible. A must for any Doctor Who fan. Can't wait to start reading it.

And the 7 inch record is surely the best free gift ever ? :)

Lew Stringer said...

Just don't get using it as a Space Spinner!

@MLPasterisk said...

I've read some of the DWM interviews and Dalek features so far. A real pleasure to read. Definitely up there in terms of the quality with the best of the professionally published stuff such as the bookazines or DWM specials.

ChanneZeroX said...

Probably the loveliest looking magazine I've ever seen- really does look like a labor of love!

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