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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TOXIC 250!

Today sees the publication of the 250th issue of Egmont's Toxic magazine. That's quite an achievement these days for a children's publication. In fact it's pretty good for any era, considering how some comics of the 1970s only lasted for six months or so.

Launched in September 2002, Toxic set out to be a magazine filled with the sort of things that would appeal to boys of a 7 to 11 age group; bright and breezy features on new games, movies, sport, toys, etc. and a cheeky edge of 'gross' humour. It soon proved to be a success and has inspired several rival publications to follow its approach.

I've been writing the Team Toxic comic strip in the magazine since issue 1, and also drawing it since issue 14. (You can read more about the strip's origins here.) The five team members (Doc Shock, Kid Zombie, Sludge, Krunk, and Bog) were co-created by the mag's first editor Matt Yeo and artist John Rushby. Over the years the Team have faced numerous bad guys I've created such as Butt-Face, Frankendrac, Sick Squid, and Sand-Witch. 

Issue 250 sees the Team accused of attacking the Mayor, and the return of one of their oldest enemies. 

Although the majority of Toxic's 40 plus pages are feature-based, there have been various other comic strips in the mag over the last 13 years, including work by John Short and Laura Howell. Currently, Captain Gross by Russ Carvell is enjoying a long run. 

Toxic No.250 is out now, bagged with a variety of gifts for £3.99. Available from major retailers and newsagents.


Brigonos said...

The Phoenix is similarly packed with filler, only it's usually clip art, house ads and reader's pictures. I get through it in about six minutes but have no complaints - I'm sure its readers feel more or less the same about TOXIC!.

Lew Stringer said...

I don't think Toxic's non-comics pages are regarded as filler. It's mainly a magazine with some strips, whereas The Phoenix is a comic.

Good to hear The Phoenix is still around. I haven't seen a copy since last year.

meherenow said...

My boys love The Phoenix still Lew, though we have noticed much less strip pages these days, unfortunate but at least it's still going.

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