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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Dennis Don't Go!

Art by Nigel Parkinson.
In this week's Beano, Dennis the Menace's dad gets a job in another town, meaning the family have to move to Nuttytown! Will Dennis be leaving The Beano? What's Nuttytown like these days, considering the comic it was named after ended decades ago? What's going on? Mystery upon mystery! Laughs upon laughs! This month Dennis the Menace has been in the comic for 65 years. Follow what happens next with the beginning of this new Dennis story in The Beano, out today! 
Cover by Nigel Parkinson.
Also in this issue, all the regular stars of course such as Minnie the Minx and Billy Whizz, plus the return of Rasher in a new series by me. Don't miss it! 
Rasher by Lew Stringer.

1 comment:

Peter Gray said...

love the colours on the poster...
The return of Cuddles an Dimples...
of course Bananaman came from there...also the moon ;)

Well done for getting back in The Beano..

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