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Friday, March 11, 2016

The new Ms.Marvel arrives in the UK

Next month, Panini UK's Mighty World of Marvel comic adds a new strip to its line up as it begins reprinting Ms.Marvel. This is a new version of the character, Kamala Khan, a teenage Muslim Pakistani American with shape-shifting powers. The series has proven to be a hit in the USA so hopefully UK readers will also enjoy the character. The strip begins in The Mighty World of Marvel vol.5 No.24, on sale 7th April.

Meanwhile, The Mighty World of Marvel No.23 is in the shops now, featuring a mind-bending Silver Surfer story by Dan Slott and Michael Allred. Seriously, you've never read a Surfer story like this before! It's fantastic stuff so check it out! Also featuring strips with Daredevil and Agents of SHIELD

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