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Thursday, March 10, 2016


Psycho Gran has been around for a long time now. Like a geriatric Octobriana she has appeared in various publications since her origins in Oink! comic back in the late 1980s and recently appeared in Aces Weekly. Now, creator David Leach has unleashed her in a new publication, Psycho Gran VS... which pits the pensioner of power against numerous iconic characters. They don't stand a chance. 

Psycho Gran VS... is a nice big A4 full colour item with 36 pages. Not exactly a comic, as there are no strips in it, but each illustration fills a full page. This is an excellent portfolio of David Leach's artwork and I was particularly impressed by the Psycho Gran vs Dracula page with its cross hatching shading techniques evoking the style of early British comics. 
If the 22 superb pages of David Leach artwork wasn't value for money enough (and it is), there's a bonus section in the back featuring guest artists doing their interpretations of Psycho Gran. A great gallery by Mike Perkins, Rian Hughes, Mike Collins, Davey Jones, Davy Francis, David Hitchcock, and myself. 

Psycho Gran VS... costs just £3.99 from Dead Universe Comics, 5 Bourbon Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP20 2PZ. To find out how to order a copy by post, contact them at their Facebook page here:

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