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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Over the last few years Hibernia Comics have produced some excellent collections of classic British strips and now comes another fantastic publication. Eagle Adventure Special is a 64 page comic featuring selected self-contained serials from the 'new' Eagle of the 1980s/90s. 

With permission from the Dan Dare Corporation, Hibernia have gathered some of the best material for this special. Stories include Dan Dare, Doomlord, Dolebusters, Codename: Bronski, and more, featuring the talents of top class creators such as John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra, John Burns, Jim Baikie, Carlos Cruz, and others. 

For anyone who misses the classic IPC holiday specials of old, this will be a treat. For newer readers unfamiliar with the material, this will be a revelation of a period of British adventure comics for boys that has sadly now passed. For anyone genuinely interested in quality comics artwork, this will be a must-buy. So basically, if you like comics, this is for you!

Once again, Hibernia Comics have outdone themselves in keeping such classic material alive. Most of this material is new to me, as I didn't follow Eagle too regularly. It's impressive stuff, as good as any period in UK comics history. 

An excellent publication for all ages, the Eagle Adventure Special isn't available in newsagents but you can order a copy directly from Hibernia Comics at this site:


@MLPasterisk said...

Ordered ! Can't wait to read this.

Hibernia Comics said...

Thanks Lew, really glad you enjoyed it!

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