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Friday, July 14, 2017

Combat Colin No.1 a success

It's been a hectic fortnight since I launched Combat Colin No.1, the first in a six-issue series reprinting the classic strips of the 1980s/90s. Half the print run has already sold, and I haven't even sent out review copies yet. The demand was beyond expectations so it's taken me a while to clear all the orders. Most have been posted now, with a few more to go in the morning. Thanks for your patience!

My thanks to all of you who bought a copy. As you may know, I'd been saying for years that I was going to collect those old strips, but it was just finding the time to do it. The 30th anniversary presented the best opportunity to launch the comic, and I'm very pleased with the warm reception its received. There's still plenty left at present, but I'll be doing a second printing in the near future. 
A few of the packages mailed this week.

In case you didn't already know, Combat Colin was a comedy-adventure strip I did for Marvel UK that appeared in the back of Action Force and, later, The Transformers over a period of four years. Issue No.1 of the reprint comic collects all the Combat Colin strips from the entire Action Force run in a 40 page comic. Full colour covers, black and white interiors. (From issue 2, it'll reprint Colin's adventures from The Transformers.)

No copies are in any shops as yet, simply because I haven't approached any, and I'm not sure if I will at present. At the moment I'm selling it exclusively at conventions I attend and by mail order. You can buy a copy here:

Thanks again for all your support! Combat Colin is back, and this time he's sticking around!


Tiniebras said...

I've been intrigued to see that you haven't chosen to go the crowdfunding route for your self-published work. It seems to be a popular option for traditional comic creators from S Ditko to H Emerson. You dont seem to need that platform. I think the thing you've done incredibly well, ahead of your peers, is to maintain a strong digital profile. You've come to be seen as a significant historian of British comics online. People quote your blogs and watch what you do. I'm glad to see that this is reflected in your sales. It's sometimes said that traditional comic creators can't transition into the digital economy (see Well I think you're a great example of somone who bucks that trend.

Richard Williams said...

Great news Lew, I loved it and it made me chuckle through every page!Here's to Ish #2!

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Richard! Glad you liked it.

Thanks to you too, Tiniebras. As for crowdfunding, I think some people use it when they don't need to, but I guess it makes sure the money is up front. Producing a comic like I did is relatively inexpensive compared to the book that Hunt did, so I can understand why he went that route. Personally I'm not comfortable asking people to pledge money to me before I'm absolutely certain the comic is published.

I dunno if I'm a historian. I don't consider myself to be one. Just someone with an interest in comics history and who knows a bit about certain eras more than other eras. But thanks anyway. :)

SID said...

Well I just ordered my copy (Shaun Duffy). If you can autograph it, I would be grateful. :)

Lew Stringer said...

Many thanks, Shaun. I appreciate that! Yes, happy to sign it.

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