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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Fang-tastic cover for The Dracula File collection

In case you missed the news on the Down the Tubes blog last week, here's Chris Weston's stunning new cover for The Dracula File, an upcoming book in Rebellion's Treasury of British Comics line.

The Dracula Files was a strip by Gerry Finley-Day, Simon Furman and Eric Bradbury that ran in the short-lived Scream! weekly in the 1980s. For more information, and exclusive interior pages, visit Down the Tubes today: 


David page said...

thats an amazing cover but i do love chris weston


One assumes the holiday special stories will be included, as was the case with Monster. The Spinechillers story’s dire: not is Dracula up and about at 7am, he also casts a reflection! Was this written by a five-year-old? Even a diehard completist like me could like with this one.

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