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Monday, July 24, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok, - Official Trailer

The San Diego Comic Con took place this weekend (no, I wasn't there) and amongst the promos unveiled there was this dazzling new poster for Thor: Ragnarok, the 17th film in the Marvel Studios movie universe. I really like it; well composed, a change from the norm, and so colourful! 

A new trailer was released too. Want to see it? Click below...

If you want to catch up with what's happening in Thor's world on the newsstands, the latest issue of Marvel Legends is out now in WH Smith and selected newsagents. Here's the cover to look out for, and the content info...

Marvel Legends Vol. 3 #13. On sale 20th July 2017.
76 Action-Packed pages featuring Marvel’s ‘Big 3’ – Iron Man, Captain America and Thor! £3.99!

A Civil War II chapter! While Civil War II rages, behind the scenes Captain America has his own plans! 

Plus, A Civil War II chapter! War Machine is dead! And why does Doctor Doom want be Tony Stark's BFF?!!

Also, Thor is dying! Roxxon Island is going to crush New York! Can Jane Foster save the Goddess of Thunder in time?!! (Waitaminute! Isn't Foster actually Thor?!!)

By Nick Spencer, Jesús Saiz, Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato, Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman!
Includes material reprinted from Captain America: Steve Rogers #5, Invincible Iron Man Vol. 8 #13, and Thor #11 and 12!


While I'm at it, want to see the poster for next year's Black Panther movie too? Here you go. It's another thing of beauty...

...and moving even further ahead, here's the official poster for Avengers Infinity War, released in May 2018, starring everyone...

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