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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Macc-Pow! makes the news

Photo by Irene Lea.
Today's Macclesfield Express carries a report on the Macc-Pow! comics event I was a guest at last Saturday. You can read it online, and see photos from the day, here:

"Amongst the guests on the day was cartoon heavyweight Lew Stringer". Haha! Well that's accurate, but probably not in the way they intended! 


Unknown said...

Speaking of heavyweights, I note that the Mac Xpress neglected to speculate on exactly who would win in a duel to the death between Combat Colin and Psycho Gran, given either's fearsome reputations.

Of course, while Colin has brute strength and cat-like reflexes honed from state-of-the-art conditioning- along with what I can now only assume to be decades of operational experience- domestic matters frequently and quite rightly require him to consider his priorities.

Whereas Psycho Gran strikes me as more of a human-hurricane propelled by primordial instinct, dispensing rough-justice to all and sundry whether they deserve it or not.

Whatever the outcome of such a hypothetical clash of titans, the unholy ruckuss would be bound to give innocent passers-by in the Macclesfield area a blinding headache lasting long minutes after the dust has settled... or possibly even a full quarter hour.

Lew Stringer said...

Coincidentally, David Leach and I were talking about such a thing just before that photo was taken! If it happens it'll be a few years from now though.

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