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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ken Reid's THE SOCCERNAUTS (1972)

Continuing my occasional look back at the strips Ken Reid drew for Scorcher weekly, here's The Soccernauts. This was a very short-run series that began in Scorcher and Score dated 13th May 1972 and ended in the issue dated 12th August 1972. Unusually for Ken, it was a science fiction strip, but that did give him the opportunity to draw monsters, which of course he excelled at.

Here's a selection of his best ones...

For whatever reason, a couple of the later ones were clearly ghosted by another artist valiantly trying to ape Ken's style. I'm guessing those may be by Peter Davidson but I may be mistaken. Here's one of them, which was the final episode...

All pages are scanned from the comics in my collection. More Ken Reid greatness soon! 

Here's a cross-reference of all the other series that Ken Reid did for Scorcher. Have fun!

SUB (1970:



HUGH FOWLER (1971/72):



JIMMY JINX (1973/74):



Andy Boal said...

It’s definitely the Aldrich-Appleby-Davidson studio - I’m tending towards Peter, but there’s something a bit Barrieish about it too.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, I see what you mean. It could be by Barrie Appleby.

Manic Man said...

not a bad idea for a script. lacking a bit in energy in places I think, compared to a lot of Ken Reid's work.

Unknown said...

Excellent stuff I loved Ken Reids footy strips and Scorcher - "Soccernauts" was one of my favourite of Kens sports strips as a kid (you cant beat "Sub" though) - thanks for showing these Lew I hadnt read them in years (I was briefly 9 years old again)

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