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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Doctor Who and the Bookshops

I thought I'd give a plug for Panini's wonderful Doctor Who graphic novels as I rarely mention them here. These weighty large size softbacks reprint the Doctor Who comic strip serials from Doctor Who Magazine into handy complete collections. There's often also behind-the-scenes features on the strips as back-up articles too.

There have been more than 20 books in this line published over the years, and the newest is Doorway to Hell, gathering recent 12th Doctor stories, including his encounter with the original Master! It'll be out in September officially, but the DWM team say you might find some in shops already.

As there are still older stories to be reprinted, you never know what will turn up in this series. The previous book was Emperor of the Daleks, collecting a 7th Doctor story from the 1980s issues of DWM!

I know a few fans have said they'd like to see some of the 3rd Doctor strips from Countdown / TV Action collected into a future volume. There are no plans to do that yet, as far as I know, but Who knows...? 

The idea of books collecting comic serials has been the norm in Europe and Japan for many decades, and it's good that the practice has been employed in the UK for a few years now too. I really think this is one way forward for British comics at the moment. With these Doctor Who books, plus collections from Titan, The Phoenix, 2000AD, and Rebellion's Treasury of British Comics line, and all the new graphic novels published by companies such as Self Made Hero, bookshops are becoming the place to go to discover comics. 


Unknown said...

Yes, these Doctor Who graphic novels are essential readings, and I love the covers by David A. Roach. My only gripe is the change in size of the graphic novels from around the 11th Doctor collections, why I don't know but it's annoying especially when you see them on the bookshelf.

And yes, here's hoping that they will collect the stories from Countdown/TV Action. I have the stories in the Doctor Who Classics comics but it would be nice to have them in one big collection.

Lew Stringer said...

I'm guessing that coincided with a change in the proportions of the magazine, Gary? I can't say it'd bother me.

Unknown said...

Ah, so that's why they changed the size of the collection. I hadn't been getting the monthlies for a long time to notice.

SLOW ROBOT said...

Forbidden Planet in London have been stocking the new graphic novel since last week.

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