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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Preview: Are you ready for ROBO HATS?

Cartoonist Marc Jackson will soon be publishing a new comic, and he's allowed Blimey! to show an exclusive preview of the first five pages! Known for his retro/modern style on strips such as Ka-Punch! for Comic Heroes magazine, Marc says that his new comic, Robo Hats will have more of an adventure tone.

"I’m billing it as an adventure comic, story driven and not gag driven, but still with humour in there, of course! The story follows Hannah and Howard Hats as they receive a mysterious package, that leads them to an incredible discovery and a wild adventure in space and time" revealed Marc. 

"It’s going to be 4 issues, 20 pages plus cover each one and is a continuing story. Hoping to get one issue out every 2 months."

Robo Hats will launch at The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival that takes place in Kendal over the weekend of 13th to 15th October.

"The comic launches at LICAF and I’ll post the 1st 5 pages online for free on the Monday before. Then, the remaining 15, 5 pages a week, just after the festival. Then, the same again for the following issues, which hopefully will arrive every 2 months" said Marc. 

You can see more of Marc's work at his website:

...and on Facebook:

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