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Tuesday, January 09, 2018


Cover by PD De La Fuente.
London based publisher Titan Comics releases Fighting American No.4 this week, concluding the four part story by Gordon Rennie and Duke Mighten that revived the 1950s superhero created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. The comic takes a break in February, but it'll be back in March with an all-new story arc and a new artist. Fighting American: Ties That Bind No.1 is written by Gordon Rennie and drawn by Andie Tong. Many of you will remember Andie as a regular artist on Panini UK's Spectacular Spider-Man comic several years ago and what a terrific job he did there. Jump on board with the new story arc to see his take on Fighting American!

Here's the official info on the two issues I just mentioned:

(W) Gordon Rennie (A) Duke Mighten (A/CA) PC De La Fuente
Direct continuation of Simon and Kirby's classic series! Fighting American returns! Written by Gordon Rennie with artwork by Duke Mighten! When the 1950s heroes find themselves trapped in the modern world, how will they handle what society has become, and what dangers will they face? With modern-day villains to contend with, enemies from their past pursuing them, and a whole new world to come to terms with, what daring adventures could Fighting American and Speed-Boy find themselves in now?
In Shops: Jan 10, 2018

Cover by Andie Tong.

(W) Gordon Rennie (A/CA) Andie Tong
The critically-acclaimed series returns with a brand-new story featuring Fighting American and Speedboy!
The villainous Madam Chaos is safely behind bars, but the chaos she has released is only just beginning. Faced with new and classic enemies, some old family secrets are revealed that could break out heroes all-American spirit!

In Shops: Mar 07, 2018.

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