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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

FLINTLOCK No.3 is coming!

One of the successful titles published by indie company Time Bomb Comics, Flintlock returns in April with its third edition. This time, the comic will increase from 48 pages to 64, and add extra stories. 

As the website explains, "Flintlock is a regular comics anthology series with a difference - each book tells stories featuring a unique range of genuinely diverse characters in an Eighteenth Century shared historical timeline. The Eighteenth Century (1701 to 1800) was the era of highwaymen, pirates, samurai and thief-takers, and encompassed some of the most tumultuous changes in world history involving some of the richest personalities - and this is one of the inspirations for the stories and characters that feature in Flintlock."

Flintlock is funded via Kickstarter, and its popularity led to volume 3 being fully funded in just 12 hours as fans of the series pledged their money. There's still time to back it of course, and the more you pledge, the more you'll receive in terms of bonus extras and suchlike, including the chance to obtain original art.

To find out the full details, click HERE now.

1 comment:

Robert Carnegie said...

"highwaymen, pirates, samurai and thief-takers". Without the last word it would be a full house of robbers and other dangerous people. And some of the thief-takers may be rough types. I don't know if want to open my wallet in the presence of these villains... then again, I did buy Marvel Comics' "Infamous (Doctor Doom dressed up as) Iron Man", and Doom is - or used to be - an awfully bad person.

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