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Saturday, January 06, 2018

New issue of VIZ out now - with free gift!

There's a new issue of Viz comic in the shops now, and it comes with a free cover-mounted Johnny Fartpants Car Air Freshener! (Don't worry. It smells of pine... I think.)

With another fab cover by Simon Thorp, the contents of the latest issue include Fruit 'T' Bunn the Master Baker, Roger Mellie, Tinribs, 8 Ace, loads of satirical features and much more. 

Still on top form, and on the top shelf, Viz No.272 is out now, £3.50. 


I haven't contributed to Viz for ages (must remedy that) but if you want to read a Felix and his Amazing Underpants page I did years ago, there's one currently on the Viz website that you can read for freeee:


varszava_vavava said...

My WH Smiths is more liberal than yours as Viz is next to GQ and nowhere near the top shelf. Indeed it is at the same level as the film and tv mags.

But for my main point. Viz is not top form and has not been for years. Indeed, the Beano is a better read and wittier: and actually more outrageous as you would not expect bodily functions humour in the Beano. If Viz was on top form it would not still have one-idea strips like Eight Ace.

Lew Stringer said...

Humour is subjective and dependent on various aspects so I'd respectfully disagree. 8 Ace is a popular character and the tragi-comedy, like Hen Cabin and Drunken Bakers, is what makes it still popular.

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