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Friday, January 05, 2018

GREY AREA collected

On sale from 11th January is a trade paperback collection of Grey Area: This Island Earth, that originally ran in weekly form in 2000AD. Here's the info...

CREATIVE TEAM: Dan Abnett (w) Karl Richardson, Lee Carter, Patrick Goddard (a) Abigail Bulmer (c) Ellie De Ville (l)
REGIONS: UK, North America, worldwide digital
RELEASE DATE: 11th January 2018
PAPERBACK, 178 pages
PRICE: £16.99 (UK) $19.99 (US)
ISBN: 9781781086025

North America, 2045. The Global Exo Segregation Zone (aka the "Grey Area") is a huge holding area in Arizona housing all manner of aliens hoping to visit earth: a melting pot for alien disputes, crime and inter-species misunderstandings! The only thing standing in the way of chaos is the Exo Transfer Control squads: heavily-armed immigration cops that keep the peace and make sure everyone has their papers in order. From contemptuous extra-terrestrial ambassadors with diplomatic immunity, to right-wing xenophobic militants and alien freeloaders disguised as luggage: new recruit Jana Birdy discovers that life in the E.T.C. might be the most interesting job on Earth - and the most dangerous!

Available in print from: book stores, Amazon, and comic book stores via Diamond

1 comment:

Mike said...

Enjoyed their 2000AD cover "Unexpected Items in the Fragging Area."

Dan Abnett went out in the first round of Christmas University Challenge. The only comics-related specialist subject on Mastermind that I recall was "Punisher MAX by Garth Ennis" - all twelve issues. John Humphreys enjoyed asking the questions and, not surprisingly, the contestant scored well. The contestant with "Naval Battles of the Second World War" not so much. I can't remember whether "The Eagle" was ever a specialist subject.

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