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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Korky Christmas Card

I showed this on my blog six years ago but Craig Graham at D.C. Thomson has sent me a nice large version of it so here it is again. This is the original art for a Christmas card that would have been sent to Dandy contributors many years ago. It looks like James Crichton's version of Korky to me, so I'm guessing it's from the 1950s or at the latest before 1961 when Charlie Grigg took over the Korky strip. 

By the way, today, December 4th, is significant for a few reasons. One, it's the 79th anniversary of The Dandy comic, launched in 1937. It was also this day in 2012 when, after 75 years, The Dandy ended.

Today will also be a sad one for the family of Charlie Grigg, who passed away three years ago in 2013. I wrote a tribute to the great man back then so today seems an appropriate time to repost the link as we remember them in our thoughts:


Anonymous said...

I wish dcthompson would issue xmas cards with this cover.maybe next year.This year's broons and oor wullie cards are pretty good though

Spencer said...

I still miss The Dandy. I was one of what I guess was a minority that absolutely LOVED the last incarnation of the comic. My kids were target age at the time and they liked it more than The Beano at the time - humour was a little more wild / cheeky. Must be so frustrating for the creators and the publishers when they know they have a great product but just can't get the following. I still live in hope that we get to see at least SOME of the characters in a regular publication again one day (aside from the Annual of course!)

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