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Monday, December 28, 2015

New Comics-related Partwork for 2016

On January 6th Hachette are launching a new partwork magazine in newsagents across the UK. Draw the Marvel Way presents tips and guidance on how to draw dynamic illustrations in the Marvel style. 

Every issue of the magazine will also be accompanied with tools of the trade. Issue 1 has a metal rule, a 2H pencil, a fineliner pen, and a kneadable putty eraser. Some may think this is quite archaic in an age where many artists use digital methods, but I think it's good for newcomers to learn a traditional 'hands on' approach. (Besides, a lot of us do still use pencil, pen and paper. I only use the computer for corrections and colouring for example.)

As well as drawing tips, the magazine will also spotlight the work of various artists. 

Issue 1 is just 99p, with £4.99 being the regular price with later issues. John Freeman has more info on his ever-reliable Down the Tubes website (the best blog on the UK comics scene in my opinion):   

You can also find out more, and subscription details, at the Hachette website:

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