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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Christmas DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE (2015)

The Christmas bumper issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out this week and it's a whopper! 100 pages packed with features and strips, plus a huge free poster. The photo above is how you'll see it in the shops, within its plastic bag, but open it up and the cover is free of most of the copy and blurbs... 
There's the start of a new Doctor Who comic strip, The Dragon Lord, with 12 pages by Steve Lyons and Adrian Salmon... another Daft Dimension strip by me...
The bulk of the issue is of course filled with in-depth articles. There's exclusive interviews with Peter Capaldi, Greg Davies, Rachel Talalay, Donald Sumpter, Peter Harness and Sarah Dollard. There's news on next year's season (yes, there will be 12 episodes plus a Christmas Special again in 2016.) There's reviews of recent episodes, and a preview of this year's Christmas episode, plus loads more.
This really is a Christmas cracker of an issue and is sure to please fans of the series. Doctor Who Magazine No.494, price £5.99, on sale 10th December. Published by Panini UK.  
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