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Monday, December 07, 2015

Phil tells it like it is

Photo © 2015 Lew Stringer.
The enthusiastic Phil Boyce, webmaster of the superb Oink! Blog, contacted me recently to ask my permission if he could use a couple of my convention photos on his blog. I knew he was writing an upbeat piece on the UK comics industry but otherwise had no idea of its content. Nevertheless, I agreed that he could use them as I respect Phil and his blog. 

Phil has now posted his article and it certainly takes no prisoners! He pulls no punches in championing the current UK comics scene. Some of us who work in comics have been accused of having a "vested interest" whenever we stick up for the industry so it's good to see such positivity from a comics reader. You can read Phil's blog at the following link, and I'm sure he'd appreciate any comments from you on his blog:


PhilEdBoyce said...

Thanks very much for the plug Lew, and even more for your kind words about myself and my blog. If I can convince even one person to buy a few titles for their kids then it'll all be worth it. (Though obviously we want a lot more than that!)

Lew Stringer said...

You're welcome, Phil. There are loads of comics out there, mostly for older readers admittedly, but still comics. Keep spreading the word.

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